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  • Were Americans Really Better off During the Great Depression?

    Were Americans Really Better off During the Great Depression?1

    In the ever-evolving world of social media trends, TikTok has seen its fair share of fascinating and sometimes perplexing content. Lately, a concerning trend has emerged where some TikTokers are romanticizing and downplaying the Great Depression, a pivotal period of economic struggle in American history. Influencers on the platform are making bold claims about the

  • Not So Wild West

    Not So Wild West1

    In the 1952 movie High Noon, Gary Cooper plays a retired town Marshall who decides that he must face off against a gang member who is returning to town. The Marshall’s new bride is a pacifist and doesn’t want him to face this villain. Also discouraging is that the townspeople will not stand by him. He

  • The Native Americans Who Owned Slaves

    The Native Americans Who Owned Slaves5

    Did you know that the 13th Amendment abolishing slavery did not apply to all slaves? Most see slavery as a simple black-vs.-white issue. But those who do may not realize that the “Five Civilized Tribes” of the southeast — Cherokee, Chickasaw, Choctaw, Creek, and Seminole — also participated in the institution of slavery. Because these tribes


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