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  • Who’s Rating the ‘News Raters’?

    Who’s Rating the ‘News Raters’?0

    NewsGuard is a widely recognized media watchdog that rates news agencies on their reliability, transparency, and financial conflicts of interest. Via a web extension, the organization’s team of “expert journalists” provides outlets with “nutrition label” reports that rate outlets on a scale of 0–100 based on “a set of apolitical criteria of journalistic practice,” according

  • Why Emotions Are Necessary in Education (So Is Logic)

    Why Emotions Are Necessary in Education (So Is Logic)2

    In education, there is a tradition of separating reason from emotions. We learn best, the conventional wisdom goes, when able to rationally consider information in a dispassionate manner. Emotions cause us to become impulsive and make rash judgments. When we try to acquire knowledge while in an emotional state, we allow biases to infect our

  • Summer Reading for G.K. Chesterton

    Summer Reading for G.K. Chesterton0

    This is the time of year when people are asked to compile their summer reading lists. The idea of these lists, as far as I can see, is to suggest books that are relaxing, not taxing; slim volumes, not monumental tomes; lighter fare that can be read recreationally, for pure pleasure, perhaps on the beach