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  • What Carpool Lanes Can Teach Us About Privatization

    What Carpool Lanes Can Teach Us About Privatization6

    I recently took a car trip of about 150 miles. I’m still recovering from it, as I drove by myself and practically every mile was bumper to bumper (I exaggerate, but only slightly). So, I sat, stewed, and twiddled my thumbs. (I did so to baroque music, so it wasn’t a total waste, but still.…)

  • Can Economists Predict the Future? Hardly.

    Can Economists Predict the Future? Hardly.0

    Economists predict the future course of economic events to show we have a sense of humor. If we could do so accurately, we’d all be very rich, and we’re not; we’re comfortable, but not fantastically rich (except in our enjoyment of the dismal science). Why can’t we predict the future? Because the world is a

  • Curing the Scourge of Homelessness

    Curing the Scourge of Homelessness3

    In the negative sweepstakes of homelessness, New York City, Los Angeles, and Seattle are the big city winners. San Jose, CA, San Francisco, and San Diego are close behind. How do we cure this scourge of homelessness affecting numerous large cities? Ascertaining the causes of homelessness is one of the ways to address it. It’s

  • Whatever Happened to the Boy Scouts?

    Whatever Happened to the Boy Scouts?1

    It was once an honor to earn a merit badge in the Boy Scouts. Becoming a Star Scout was a privilege, a Life Scout was something fantastic, and an Eagle Scout was the very tip of the apex. Few achieved that pinnacle, and those who did treasured it for their entire lives. But even those


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