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  • Are There Any Limits to Illegal Immigration?

    Are There Any Limits to Illegal Immigration?0

    The U.S.-Mexican border is essentially wide open. Why? Because there is a general expectation in Mexico and Latin America that American immigration law is unenforced. Or it is so bizarre that simple illegal entry almost always ensures temporary legal residence, pending an asylum hearing. A scheduled asylum hearing, in turn, is seen by border crossers

  • The Tables Turn in Russian Collusion Hunt

    The Tables Turn in Russian Collusion Hunt0

    • April 1, 2019

    The irony of the entire Russian collusion hoax is that accusers who cried the loudest about leaking, collusion, lying, and obstruction are themselves soon very likely to be accused of just those crimes. Now that Robert Mueller’s 674-day, $30 million investigation is over and has failed to find the original goal of its mandate—evidence of

  • How Animal Farm is Playing Out in the Democrat Party

    How Animal Farm is Playing Out in the Democrat Party0

    Tennis great Martina Navratilova until recently had long been coronated as a social justice trailblazer. She was one of the first marquee celebrity athletes to come out as gay, and then to advocate lesbian issues in and out of sports. But suddenly the icon seems out of step with her progressive legend status. Navratilova had

  • The Ironies of Illegal Immigration

    The Ironies of Illegal Immigration0

    Estimates suggest that there are 11 million to 13 million Mexican citizens currently living in the United States illegally. Millions more emigrated previously and are now U.S. citizens. A recent poll revealed that one-third of Mexicans (34 percent) would like to emigrate to the United States. With Mexico having a population of about 130 million,


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