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  • Why Not Wife-Swapping?

    Why Not Wife-Swapping?0

    In December, the Supreme Court decided not to hear a case that proposed to extend the Court’s sexual freedom cases to wife-swapping. In Coker v. Whittington, two sheriff’s deputies in Bossier Parish, Louisiana, and their wives agreed to swap spouses, and each deputy began living with the opposite deputy’s wife. Invoking his office’s code of

  • ‘Sweet Land of Liberty’: Colin Kaepernick and Freedom of Speech

    ‘Sweet Land of Liberty’: Colin Kaepernick and Freedom of Speech0

    Every week for two months, quarterback Colin Kaepernick of the American professional football team the San Francisco 49ers has refused to stand during the playing of his country’s national anthem.  He has instead knelt down as his protest of alleged systematic racism in American society and in solidarity with the powerful Black Live Matters movement. 


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