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  • The Common Sense Alternative to Fauciism

    The Common Sense Alternative to Fauciism0

    I have recently sought treatment recommendations from three different dentists for a problem I’m having. Two dentists, both well-known and respected by me, gave me diametrically opposed recommendations. My wife urged me to see the dentist who had helped her with a tricky problem for a third opinion. The third opinion contradicted the other two.

  • ‘Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go’

    ‘Hey, Hey, Ho, Ho, Western Civ Has Got to Go’5

    On January 15, 1987, Jesse Jackson and around 500 protesters marched down Palm Drive, Stanford University’s grand main entrance, chanting “Hey hey, ho ho, Western Civ has got to go.” They were protesting Stanford University’s introductory humanities program known as “Western Culture.” For Jackson and the protesters, the problem was its lack of “diversity.” The

  • New Year’s Eve: Marxism-Lennonism Revisited

    New Year’s Eve: Marxism-Lennonism Revisited0

    The New Year’s Eve celebration at Times Square will again this year feature John Lennon’s song “Imagine.” We thought this article, first published in 2017, would be worth revisiting today. Republishing it also affords us an opportunity to wish you a happy, healthy, and prosperous new year. Thank you for all of your support in 2018. We look


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