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    Richard Moss, M.D.

    Richard Moss, M.D., a board-certified surgeon, was a candidate for Congress in 2016 and 2018. He has written “A Surgeon’s Odyssey” and “Matilda’s Triumph,” available on Amazon.

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  • Why Reparations Make No Sense

    Why Reparations Make No Sense14

    Among many tell-tale signs of the tectonic fissures dividing the nation, perhaps the most telling is the call by prominent Democrats and others for reparations. A recent proposal by California governor Gavin Newsom calling for reparation payments of a potential $223,200 per black resident pushes the matter once again to the fore. Reparations refers to

  • Useful Idiots on the Right: The Never Trumpers

    Useful Idiots on the Right: The Never Trumpers7

    It’s been over five years now since Donald Trump surprised many by winning the 2016 presidential election. Yet in many ways, the hate for him—especially in his own party—has never seemed stronger. One could perhaps have excused Republicans for detesting him back in 2016. He was, after all, an unknown quantity, an outsider of questionable

  • Why Country Bumpkins Will Win the Day

    Why Country Bumpkins Will Win the Day9

    My neighbors hunt. These so-called “country bumpkins” can survive in the forest, hills, lakes, and rivers here in Indiana. They understand the world of nature, its vicissitudes and barbarism. Appreciating its transcendent beauty and cadences, they also accept its fierce cruelties. These country bumpkins do not worship nature. Rather, they seek reconciliation with it, desiring that their loved ones

  • The Parental Quandary of Letting Go

    The Parental Quandary of Letting Go5

    She was my firstborn, the privileged one who received the slavish affections of a delirious father instantly smitten by the new, fragile, squirming, little creature. Her birth unleased a whole new range of emotions and sensations: drooling euphoria, unhinged rapture, besotted reverence, incoherent adulation. There were the feedings and diaper changes and other more tedious


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