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  • Identity Issues: Probing Woke Culture

    Identity Issues: Probing Woke Culture0

    We are all different and all unique, and I try to treat everybody as an individual rather than stereotyping them as belonging to some group. I do my best to treat everyone with the same respect I’d like them to extend to me. But I confess to being un-woke and not understanding the logic behind

  • Professor: My Students Can’t Handle Opposing Political Views Anymore

    Professor: My Students Can’t Handle Opposing Political Views Anymore1

    As a college teacher, I try to listen to all points of view, and I want students to feel they can speak up in class to express their own thoughts, and to challenge anything I say in class. I tell them, “Don’t believe anything I tell you. This is college and you should be thinking

  • Seattle Aiming to Become More Like Detroit

    Seattle Aiming to Become More Like Detroit0

    This article says “Seattle is struggling to find a path forward to deal with a crisis that’s exploded in recent years.” What is that crisis? An economic boom! The article says, “unemployment in the county is at 3%, the lowest in the state… Housing is becoming less affordable, leading to more homelessness. At the same

  • Capitalism’s Biggest Enemies Are Capitalists

    Capitalism’s Biggest Enemies Are Capitalists0

    For most of human history, mankind’s standard of living remained perilously close to a bare subsistence level. Then, a few hundred years ago, capitalism brought with it the Industrial Revolution that has generated unprecedented economic progress. Capitalism is by far the most effective anti-poverty program in the world’s history. Prior to the Industrial Revolution, economic


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