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  • Look to the Altar, Not the Throne

    Look to the Altar, Not the Throne0

    The Supreme Court granted injunctive relief to houses of worship previously closed under New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s restrictions on public gatherings. Justice Neil Gorsuch chided the governor for his “color-coded executive edicts that reopen liquor stores and bike shops but shutter churches, synagogues and mosques.” This is a tremendous step toward the restoration of order in

  • Putting the Shoe on the Other Foot

    Putting the Shoe on the Other Foot0

    For hypothetical purposes, let’s say Joe Biden had spent the last four years in the White House and Donald Trump was the challenger. What if Biden was the one being dumped from office, despite evidence that Trump supporters engaged in questionable electioneering? What if election workers in heavily Republican areas had mistreated poll watchers in

  • An Open Letter to the Tyrant of Michigan

    An Open Letter to the Tyrant of Michigan0

    Dear Governor Whitmer, It appears the “non-essentials” are gathering to protest again today. Unfortunately, this third protest – termed “judgment day” by some, makes it a little hard for you to enjoy the contemplative life that government-mandated quarantine would seem to afford us. Yet given that this is your decision, and you have a guaranteed paycheck, I

  • When Nominalists Curl in the Squat Rack

    When Nominalists Curl in the Squat Rack0

    A gentleman at my gym recently took it upon himself to perform sets of standing barbell curls in a squat rack. This type of disordered behavior really aggravates me. A colleague of mine playfully jested with this degenerate: “Hey man, why you curling in the squat rack? There should be laws against that!” I joined


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