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  • In Praise of ‘Garbagemen’

    In Praise of ‘Garbagemen’0

    When I was twelve my family lived on a small, dry piece of land in rural Texas. Since we lived far outside of any city limits, we couldn’t rely on services like water (we had a well), sewage (we had a septic tank), or sanitation (we had a 12-year-old boy and a 50-gallon burn barrel).

  • Should Christians Give Cash to the Homeless?

    Should Christians Give Cash to the Homeless?0

    If you live or work in a city you likely pass them on the streets and sidewalks every day. Holding a sign reading “Homeless, please help” or an old coffee cup to collect spare change, the itinerant panhandlers and chronic homeless look you in the eye and ask for your money. What do you do

  • Bernie Sanders’s Workers Wanted $15 an Hour—So He Cut Their Hours

    Bernie Sanders’s Workers Wanted $15 an Hour—So He Cut Their Hours0

    On Friday I mentioned the ongoing labor dispute between the workers and management of Bernie Sanders’s presidential campaign. The longtime advocate of raising the federal minimum to $15 an hour is finding that it’s easy to complain about greedy employers until you become the one having to make payroll. Presidential campaigns are labor intensive and require an

  • Can Summer Jobs Reduce Violent Crime?

    Can Summer Jobs Reduce Violent Crime?0

    Several decades of social science has shown a correlation between joblessness among disadvantaged youth and violent crime. While remediation has not been shown to lead to prevention, there is some evidence that summer jobs can. For example a 2015 studypublished in the journal Science found that giving disadvantaged youth a summer job significanty reduces violent crime: In a