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  • Is ‘Black Lives Matter’ Compatible With the American Tradition?

    Is ‘Black Lives Matter’ Compatible With the American Tradition?0

    Although they operate under the banner of social justice, the Black Lives Matter (BLM) movement and its allies are a pernicious force. The false narratives, the toleration of lawlessness, and the punishment of dissenters have left our society in disarray. Americans of all races and political stripes should reject these tactics. The problems with BLM

  • Is There a Threat to English?

    Is There a Threat to English?0

    For decades, immigration enthusiasts have offered conflicting assurances to skeptics who perceive a lack of assimilation among newcomers. Multiculturalism is a great gift to the United States, so why worry? Also, assimilation is proceeding apace, so, again, why worry? The former assurance is generally directed at liberals, and the latter is directed at conservatives, but