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  • What Meditation Can Do For Your Brain

    What Meditation Can Do For Your Brain0

    Can meditation grow your brain, make you more compassionate, and slow the aging process? Sounds too crazy to believe, right? Like most, I tended to look at the supposed positive effects of meditation as, at best, a tree-hugger’s wishful thinking, or, at worst, utter poppycock. But recent studies are making me question my dismissal of

  • Can’t Hold Your Liquor? Blame Your Eye Color

    Can’t Hold Your Liquor? Blame Your Eye Color0

    You know that friend who drinks you under the table? The one who makes you look like a light-weight? What if it wasn’t a testament to his prowess or an extra strong splash of testosterone? What if it was something much less significant…like the color of his eyes? Research indicates that eye color might actually

  • Professor: Reality Humans Experience is an Illusion

    Professor: Reality Humans Experience is an Illusion0

    What we observe with our eyes is real. Humans base much of their conception of reality on this basic principle. But what if we’re wrong? What if what we’re seeing is what we need to believe rather than what really is? According to Donald Hoffman, a professor of cognitive science at the University of California,

  • How Emotions Hijack Our Reason

    How Emotions Hijack Our Reason0

    Most people have heard of the fight or flight response. We see a grizzly in the woods and our instinct is to run screaming. Makes total sense (though it will get you killed, so don’t do it). What many people don’t realize is that we often have this same response to intense emotional situations. Feelings


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