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  • Why Does Middle America Vote for Trump?

    Why Does Middle America Vote for Trump?0

    Many mainstream journalists have wondered how social conservatives could bring themselves to support a crass, twice-divorced politician as president. If they would bother covering events like last week’s March for Life, which they rarely do, they might find some enlightenment.

  • Why Hollywood Attempts to Silence Dissident Women

    Why Hollywood Attempts to Silence Dissident Women0

    Amy Sherman-Palladino’s writing is full of witty, sharp dialogue that makes you need to rewind a couple times every episode to make sure you caught exactly what was being said. Usually, it’s brilliant.

    In her Emmy-winning Amazon series, “The Marvelous

  • Painting Tinseltown Red

    Painting Tinseltown Red0

    “Guerilla street artist” and “Republican” are two identities not often associated with one another. Yet arguably the most subversive street artist today claims both of those labels while operating in the belly of cultural Marxism, the City of Angels.


  • Downton Abbey: Making Goodness Fashionable

    Downton Abbey: Making Goodness Fashionable0

    Downton Abbey stunned the film industry this month by pulling in over $31 million at the box office opening weekend, exceeding forecasts by more than 50 percent and making it the largest opening in distributor Focus Features’ history. Clearly the