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  • Wendell Berry on Consumerism in America

    Wendell Berry on Consumerism in America0

    In one of my favorite movies, 12 Monkeys, Brad Pitt’s character Jeffrey Goines is a bit crazy, and we are first introduced to him in a mental institution. But there is more than a hint of truth in the following rant he makes to Bruce Willis’ character, James Cole: “There’s the television. It’s all right

  • Why Do Mormons Stockpile Food?

    Why Do Mormons Stockpile Food?0

    When apocalyptic fervor periodically whips up, many people point to the Mormons as those who are best prepared for a doomsday scenario. Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS) are widely known for keeping a large supply of food, water, and other emergency supplies in their homes. I have always assumed that


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