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  • George Floyd Reveals the Bankruptcy of the Elites

    George Floyd Reveals the Bankruptcy of the Elites0

    The protests, looting, and fires which have rocked the city of Minneapolis after the tragic death of George Floyd are yet another illustration of the comprehensive failure of our leading institutions, which seem incompetent and unprepared to handle society’s widespread anger and alienation. The concurrent rise of nationalism, socialism, and populism during the twentieth-first century increasingly resembles a tragic recapitulation of the nineteenth. Institutions are

  • Gavin Newsom and the Limits of Science

    Gavin Newsom and the Limits of Science0

    There have been many responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in all spheres of life from businesses, educational institutions, churches, and within close intimate human relationships. Most of these responses have arisen spontaneously as people’s duties to protect themselves and others, both individuals and communities, have become plain to them. Government at all levels has also acted, imposing a series of sometimes

  • Federalizing Day Care Is a Terrible Idea

    Federalizing Day Care Is a Terrible Idea0

    Presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris, D-Calif., has unveiled a proposal to centrally plan the family by expanding the school day. She claims that, “aligning school and work schedules is an economic growth and child development strategy.” It betrays a fundamental misunderstanding of the economy and the proper role of the state in it. Kara Voght, writing for Mother


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