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  • Modern Plagues and the Prescience of Ray Bradbury

    Modern Plagues and the Prescience of Ray Bradbury0

    I am haunted by a lonely man.

    At sundown every day, he walked the neighborhood sidewalks, glancing at lives through windows. “Was that a murmur of laughter from within a moon-white house?” he asked as he passed the homes of

  • In Defense of Jane Eyre

    In Defense of Jane Eyre0

    Jane Eyre is a perennial novel for me. Yes, I teach it every year, but more importantly, I reread it every time. Not just a skim. A full read. And this is why.

    1. Jane is a character of such

  • Booker T. Washington’s Racial Compromise?

    Booker T. Washington’s Racial Compromise?0

    I first read Up from Slavery ten years ago and was quickly surprised that it wasn’t required reading for every educator, that is, until I read the critics. In his autobiography, Booker Taliaferro Washington (1856-1915) leaves us an equal bounty