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  • Atlas Shrugs Twice: Individualism Among Incompetency and Injustice

    Atlas Shrugs Twice: Individualism Among Incompetency and Injustice1

    One fateful day in March 2020, the incompetent men shut down the world with lockdowns. It was the opposite of the premise in Atlas Shrugged. Who is John Galt? Who cares? The incompetent people could stop the motor of the world too. Atlas shrugs either by disappearing competence, or by an overwhelming mass of incompetence too

  • What Kafka, COVID, and Music Have in Common

    What Kafka, COVID, and Music Have in Common0

    The last orchestral performance I went to was shortly after our local orchestra resumed limited, socially distanced performances after the initial shutdown. That was in November 2020, nearly two full months after Governor DeSantis had removed any official statewide restrictions. It was a Kafkaesque experience. At the dawn of the night, I felt really good about it.

  • The Vanishing Hardy Boys

    The Vanishing Hardy Boys1

    Gone are the days of the Renaissance Man; the polymath ideal of humanism; man is the center of the universe and he should embrace the search for all knowledge because man alone has the limitless capacity for development! Alberti, the architect, painter, poet, scientist, horseman, and mathematician; Da Vinci, the artist, painter, inventor, musician, scientist, and writer;

  • Science in a World Built for Alchemy

    Science in a World Built for Alchemy0

    I like to think of myself as a logician. A rational, critical thinker ready to discard any idea when new information presents itself. Behind the facade though, there was always a passing interest in the arts. Literature in particular, but I still remember the first time I sat in a room with an orchestra playing.


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