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  • Why Do Americans Love the Royals? We Secretly Miss the WASPs

    Why Do Americans Love the Royals? We Secretly Miss the WASPs0

    If the announcement of Prince Harry’s and Meghan Markle’s decision to “step back” from royal duties has reminded us of anything, it’s that Americans are bizarrely fascinated by the British royal family. Every morning since the initial announcement, The Washington Post has brought yet more coverage of the royals: on British tabloid coverage, on the couple’s “transition,” on the

  • America’s Hamster Wheel of ‘Career Advancement’

    America’s Hamster Wheel of ‘Career Advancement’0

    Many of those who work in the corporate world are constantly peppered with questions about their “career progression.” The Internet is saturated with articles providing tips and tricks on how to develop a never-fail game plan for professional development. Millions of Americans are engaged in a never-ending cycle of résumé-padding that mimics the accumulation of Boy Scout

  • Woke Parenting Eats Its Own

    Woke Parenting Eats Its Own0

    On the first day of her senior year, Sky Bloomer left the house wearing “black leggings and a tight, spaghetti-strap crop top” and feeling “powerful.” Her parents tried to stop her. Her mother – who is quick to emphasize that Sky’s choices are fully her own and that she is proud of her daughter for “standing up

  • Americans Just Love Cheating

    Americans Just Love Cheating0

    “CBS This Morning” in August featured a story titled “The staggering cost of fertility treatments,” which reported that in vitro fertilizations (IVF) “cost more than $10,000 per cycle and freezing your eggs on average is between $30,000 and $40,000.” CBS interviewed Julie Alvin of Refinery 29, which on Aug. 19 featured an article titled “I’m 40, Have Little Savings,


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