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  • Students Don’t Need a “Passion,” They Need Persistence

    Students Don’t Need a “Passion,” They Need Persistence0

    Millennials are right to be angry about their schooling. Even the perpetrators see some of the damage they’re doing. “Escalating achievement pressure is not healthy for our youth,” says Kedra Ishop, an associate vice president for enrollment at the University of Michigan. “Young people are suffering from higher rates of depression, anxiety, and substance abuse

  • How Ice Cream Won the Cold War

    How Ice Cream Won the Cold War0

    Richard Nixon stood by a lemon-yellow refrigerator in Moscow and bragged to the Soviet leader: “The American system,” he told Nikita Khrushchev over frosted cupcakes and chocolate layer cake, “is designed to take advantage of new inventions.” It was the opening day of the American National Exhibition at Sokol’niki Park, and Nixon was representing not

  • Homeschooling, Socialization, and the New Groupthink

    Homeschooling, Socialization, and the New Groupthink0

    “But what about socialization?” We who educate our children outside the school system confront an exhausting array of accusations posing as concerns, but the most puzzling — and the most persistent — is the socialization question. For years, I’ve taken it at face value: How, the skeptic seems to be asking, will your kids ever

  • Give the Nazis What They Want

    Give the Nazis What They Want0

    If you called Donald Trump a Nazi, he’d probably take offense, even though his nationalism is socialistic. If you called Bernie Sanders a Nazi, you’d be dismissed out of hand, though his socialism is avowedly nationalistic. But did you know that Adolf Hitler himself took offense when the word was applied to him and his


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