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  • Republican House Majority Would Be a Victory for Free Speech

    Republican House Majority Would Be a Victory for Free Speech1

    Remember President Joe Biden’s Disinformation Governance Board? It was so ridiculed that the administration quickly scaled it back and then shut it down. But beware, Biden is resorting to more secretive methods — a vast censorship operation in collusion with Silicon Valley — to tighten the screws on what Americans can say. It’s all justified

  • Supreme Court Poised to Strike Down Racial Preferences

    Supreme Court Poised to Strike Down Racial Preferences3

    Lawsuits against Harvard University and the University of North Carolina are exposing the crude and dehumanizing racial sorting that goes on in the admissions offices at elite universities. The application form asks young people to check a box identifying themselves as either “(1) Asian, (2) Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander, (3) Hispanic, (4) White, (5)

  • Supreme Court Showdown on Censorship Ahead

    Supreme Court Showdown on Censorship Ahead3

    A staggering 99 percent of Twitter employees who make political contributions give to Democrats. It’s almost as lopsided at Facebook and Alphabet (the parent company of Google), according to Federal Election Commission records. Relying on these left-leaning tech platforms to be even-handed was always naive. But recent evidence—email correspondence between Big Tech executives and some

  • The Secret Curriculum

    The Secret Curriculum12

    School is starting, but don’t count on getting answers about what your child is being taught. School administrators commonly lie or give parents the runaround. That explains the fireworks over Jeremy Boland, a Greenwich, Connecticut, elementary school assistant principal, bragging about how the school pushes kids to think in a “progressive” way that he hopes


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