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  • Climate Brainwashing

    Climate Brainwashing1

    Hammering K-12 school children nonstop about the dangers of climate change in every class, even math, art and gym, is child abuse. Barely one-third of fourth graders can read or do math at grade level, according to the latest national scores, but climate activists are demanding kids hear about global warming in every class. New

  • Left-Wing College-Industrial Complex Lies

    Left-Wing College-Industrial Complex Lies2

    Families saving for college and encouraging their kids to aim for the top are getting scammed by the left-wing college industrial complex. Colleges distort and outright lie about who gets accepted, education quality and what it costs. If they were selling auto loans and used the same deceptive tactics, they’d be in jail. Columbia University

  • What’s Biden Hiding?

    What’s Biden Hiding?1

    2022 is about to end, and still no answer to the question: What caused the virus that’s killed 1,096,000 Americans so far? The Washington Post asks, “What is China hiding?” The more answerable question is what is our own government hiding? House Republicans are promising that when they assume the majority in January, they will

  • The Biden Administration’s Retirement Heist

    The Biden Administration’s Retirement Heist1

    President Joe Biden’s going after 401(k) retirement accounts, risking millions of workers’ comfortable retirements. If you put money into a 401(k), beware. Until now, the law always required fund managers entrusted with your savings to invest the money where it’s expected to get the top return for you. Period. But on Nov. 22, Biden’s Labor