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  • Deportation Rates in Historical Perspective

    Deportation Rates in Historical Perspective0

    In last week’s Democratic primary debate, Univision anchor Jorge Ramos asked Joe Biden about President Obama’s record on immigration enforcement. Ramos said, “you served as vice president in an administration that deported 3 million people, the most ever in U.S. history.” Democratic partisans were very upset on Twitter, but the numbers don’t lie. President Obama removed more

  • Why Euphemisms Are Ubiquitous in Politics

    Why Euphemisms Are Ubiquitous in Politics0

    Political debate in the modern world is impossible without memorizing a list of euphemisms, and there is no shortage of public opprobrium for those who talk about certain topics without using them.  In addition to the many euphemisms that are accepted by virtually everybody, the political left has its own set of euphemisms associated with political correctness,

  • Two Reasons Not to Hire More Border Patrol Agents

    Two Reasons Not to Hire More Border Patrol Agents0

    The main argument against President Trump’s plan to hire more Border Patrol agents is that the Southern border does not need them.  Even border hawks can’t argue with the evidence that Border Patrol agents are a lot less busy than they used to be.  In 1986, Border Patrol agents along the Southern border apprehended an


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