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    Alexander Riley

    Alexander Riley is a professor of sociology at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania and serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Scholars. All views expressed are his and do not represent the views of his employer.

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  • Men, Women, Soccer, and Feminism

    Men, Women, Soccer, and Feminism12

    Last month, a men’s soccer team and a women’s soccer team played in The Soccer Tournament, a 32-team tournament that welcomes teams of both genders. The teams are largely made up of current and former players from professional and national teams. A team made up of current and former players from the American women’s Olympic

  • Pride? The Last Thing We Need More Of

    Pride? The Last Thing We Need More Of5

    Pop singers and actors can be reliably counted on to engage in voluminous virtue signaling around Pride Month. One can almost imagine directives going out telling celebrities to promote the LGBTQ ideology. No surprise then that, for example, Taylor Swift did what she did at a concert recently: Her concerts, she proclaimed, are “a celebratory

  • Against Determinism

    Against Determinism7

    In Adieux: A Farewell to Sartre, Simone de Beauvoir published a long discussion she had with her companion—the world-renowned, radical-left philosopher Jean-Paul Sartre—in the last years of his life. Though the two of them believed many things I find unpalatable, this phrase served me for some time as an email signature: Simone de Beauvoir: Broadly speaking,

  • Change Yourself, or Change the World?

    Change Yourself, or Change the World?2

    It’s a perennial philosophical question: What is the best strategy for addressing life’s problems? Change yourself, or change the world? In a clip from a few years ago that a student recently shared with me, the leftist public intellectual Slavoj Žižek offered a take that my student apparently found convincing. To judge from Žižek’s online popularity,


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