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    Alexander Riley

    Alexander Riley is a professor of sociology at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania and serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Scholars. All views expressed are his and do not represent the views of his employer.

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  • Why We Must Objectively Study Difficult Questions

    Why We Must Objectively Study Difficult Questions0

    With some regularity, students in my sociological theory course will ask why we should even entertain arguments about the biological reality of race. They note, correctly, that this topic is controversial. They suggest it is too morally and politically risky to pursue, given historical examples of pseudoscience that have provided fodder for egregious moral and

  • What Are the News Media for?

    What Are the News Media for?3

    What are the news media for? The typical response is that their prime function is dispensing information. They provide us with what we need to know in order to successfully operate in the modern world. Perhaps the media do perform this function, at least partially. Certainly some of what is reported in the daily news


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