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    Alexander Riley

    Alexander Riley is a professor of sociology at Bucknell University in Pennsylvania and serves on the Board of Directors of the National Association of Scholars. All views expressed are his and do not represent the views of his employer.

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  • Why Stereotypes Can Be Rational

    Why Stereotypes Can Be Rational4

    Few terms get worse press than stereotype. We are constantly told that it is bad, bad, bad and never, ever justified, in any situation. And yet it is a deeply innate element of human reasoning. Even when you try to force people to stop doing it, they do it anyway. This likely means it must

  • The Selfishness of the World-Saving Antinatalists

    The Selfishness of the World-Saving Antinatalists4

    Have you encountered the antinatalists yet? This is a growing phenomenon in contemporary America, especially among the young. We might call them the “No Children Movement,” as they advocate a rejection of parenthood as a conscious political act, saying it is morally wrong to have children. You have only to plug the search term antinatalist


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