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  • Six Reasons for Optimism in 2020

    Six Reasons for Optimism in 20200

    “The 2010s have been the best decade ever. The evidence is overwhelming.” Those are the words of Cato Institute senior fellow Johan Norberg, penned in an op-ed for the Wall Street Journal. Norberg’s words seem hyperbolic at first glance, but he may be right. In many ways, the world is getting better every day, and

  • Three Harmful Ideas Weakening My Generation

    Three Harmful Ideas Weakening My Generation0

    It’s a tough time for Generation Z. Mental health problems, specifically mood disorders such as depression and anxiety, are skyrocketing. Gen Z is the least likely to report good or excellent mental health and the most likely to report poor or fair mental health. Suicide rates for U.S. teens and young adults are the highest

  • Why I Don’t Say ‘OK Boomer’

    Why I Don’t Say ‘OK Boomer’0

    • November 25, 2019

    If you spend any time on the internet or time with those who do, you’ve probably heard the phrase “OK Boomer” by now. Perhaps you’ve been OK-Boomered yourself, or maybe you’ve OK-Boomered somebody else. The meme is one of the most popular things being discussed right now, and for good reason. “OK Boomer” is a

  • Justice Ginsburg Calls Kavanaugh Hearings a ‘Highly Partisan Show’

    Justice Ginsburg Calls Kavanaugh Hearings a ‘Highly Partisan Show’0

    Speaking on September 12th before the National Asian Pacific American Bar Association at the George Washington University Law School, Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was asked how she would compare her Supreme Court nomination process to Bret Kavanaugh’s. The 85 year old Justice minced no words when she said, “The way it was, was right. The


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