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  • The Dangers of Mandatory Paid Leave

    The Dangers of Mandatory Paid Leave0

    At a recent hearing on Paid Family Leave before the House Oversight and Reform Committee, Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., thought herself brave and appropriate to harangue the only free-market witness – one out of seven – there.  Paid-leave advocates ignore (or refuse to acknowledge) the ample literature that shows what happened in countries and states

  • The Dark History of Swedish Socialism

    The Dark History of Swedish Socialism0

    Everyone knows that socialism is newly fashionable as an idea and system. With that has come a certain level of whitewashing of the real history. I’m not just speaking of the totalitarian variety with its poverty, inflation, starvation, and mass death. It’s especially true of the kinder, gentler versions, which turn out to be not


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