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  • No, Tariffs Won’t Ruin Christmas

    No, Tariffs Won’t Ruin Christmas0

    President Trump says he will impose a 10 percent tariff on $300 billion worth of Chinese imports beginning September 1. The tariff would affect consumer goods primarily, according to an analysis by Goldman Sachs. Cue the histrionics. The Washington Post laments that these tariffs will ruin America’s “holiday” shopping season. The Post cites a study claiming that the price

  • Illegal Immigration Hurts Black Americans Most

    Illegal Immigration Hurts Black Americans Most0

    In the 19th century, savvy American saloon-owners offered free lunches to attract noontime patrons. Inevitably, the diners would get thirsty and buy expensive drinks—thus was born the expression, “there’s no such thing as a free lunch.” Despite its humble origins, the phrase captures a deep and omnipresent truth: everything has a price, an opportunity cost,

  • Theory-Induced Blindness: Why ‘Expert’ Predictions Are Wrong So Often

    Theory-Induced Blindness: Why ‘Expert’ Predictions Are Wrong So Often0

    Remember when Bill Kristol said the Iraq War would last two months? It (officially) lasted nine years and cost Americans more than $2 trillion—and we’re still there. How about when Kristol boldly stated that Barack Obama wouldn’t win a single primary against Hillary Clinton? Or when he claimed Iraq was “not in a civil war?” What about when he predicted that 1993