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  • Actress: Entitlement is Not the Secret to Success

    Actress: Entitlement is Not the Secret to Success0

    Once upon a time on a dull afternoon, I consulted my bucket list. The item written, “Be in a play at Guthrie Theatre; any size role will do,” stood out as an interesting option. I knew such an idea was rather ambitious, as the Guthrie holds national acclaim and I have very little training as

  • Why We Fear (and Crave) Commitment

    Why We Fear (and Crave) Commitment0

    Recently, I attended my friend’s bachelorette party. It was tasteful compared to typical bachelorette festivities, but one thing kept us talking. That night, my friend received a plethora of congratulations, too many to count. This might be as expected considering her mock wedding veil and the sash that read, “bride to be.” So what was

  • 5 Ways My Life Fell Apart When My Smartphone Broke

    5 Ways My Life Fell Apart When My Smartphone Broke0

    You never realize how much you take something for granted until you lose it. I had a rude awakening to this truth when my smartphone decided to go on the blink a few days ago. 1. I was an hour late to work Unaware of the looming fate of my phone, I plugged it into

  • 10 (Unwritten) Rules for Imitating an Accent

    10 (Unwritten) Rules for Imitating an Accent0

    I heard a radio advertisement from the local zoo for an Australian Outback exhibit. The narrator spoke in a thick, caricature Aussie accent. It made me wonder: When is it acceptable to imitate an accent, and when is it taboo?   After extensive internet research, here are 10 unwritten rules floating around in the internet ether