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  • The Not-So-Great Depression Diet

    The Not-So-Great Depression Diet0

    When E.C. Harwood formed the American Institute for Economic Research 90 years ago, the New Deal was just beginning. The Great Depression, though, was over three years old, and it was a hangry, troublesome toddler. For those with a job, or on a fixed income, the Depression was great, because prices sank a great deal.

  • News You Can’t Abuse

    News You Can’t Abuse0

    News sources on the political Left, like The New York Times, claim that climate change is responsible for the fires in the West. Those on the Right, like The Epoch Times, say arsonists lit the matches that set off the tinderboxes left by decades of mistaken environmentalist policies, like bans on commercial logging. The media

  • Return of the One Room Schoolhouse?

    Return of the One Room Schoolhouse?0

    America should never have closed but even if you think it should have its K-something schools should not have followed. Policymakers chose a different path, however, and now some seem poised to repeat it in the Fall despite overwhelming evidence that children are safe from COVID-19 and are unlikely to spread it to their teachers


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