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    Peter Jacobsen

    Peter Jacobsen teaches economics at Ottawa University where he holds the positions of Assistant Professor and Gwartney Professor of Economic Education and Research at the Gwartney Institute. He received his graduate education George Mason University and received his undergraduate education Southeast Missouri State University. His research interest is at the intersection of political economy, development economics, and population economics.

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  • Steamboat Willie and Intellectual Property

    Steamboat Willie and Intellectual Property1

    You’ve likely already seen him freely used across the Internet over the last two days. As of 2024, Steamboat Willie, the cartoon which introduced Mickey Mouse, entered the public domain. This means that Steamboat Willie and its depictions of Mickey Mouse is fair game for any usage (I’d guess Disney likely will still try to

  • Why a New IRS Change Will Push Some Entrepreneurs Into Corporate Desk Jobs

    Why a New IRS Change Will Push Some Entrepreneurs Into Corporate Desk Jobs0

    As the end of the year approaches, the IRS has announced its new late repayment penalty rate. The rate has climbed from around 3% two years ago to 8% today. Most workers in the US are W-2 employees and have taxes deducted from their paychecks each pay period. However, if those employees claim more exemptions,

  • China Reverses Course on Population Planning

    China Reverses Course on Population Planning0

    The 20th century was full of attempts to centrally plan population. Scientists like Paul Ehrlich and businessmen like Hugh Moore spent their lives putting direct pressure on politicians and citizens into addressing the looming specter of “overpopulation.” Population doomer language was often dramatic and often included predictions of mass death within just decades. The predictions never got anywhere close

  • The Incandescent Ban and the Lie of LED Efficiency

    The Incandescent Ban and the Lie of LED Efficiency0

    It happened as I went to grab a new package of baby wipes from under the sink. I flipped on my bathroom light, and I noticed something strange—one of my three mirror light bulbs began flickering and ultimately settled at a barely luminous dim setting. My LED light went out. The problem is, I changed


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