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    Michael McCarthy

    Michael McCarthy is the author of a trilogy of Christian thriller novels available on Amazon: The Noah Option, The Rainbow Option, and The Timshel Option.

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  • How the Left Normalizes Persecution

    How the Left Normalizes Persecution1

    It was recently revealed that the FBI targeted traditional Catholics attending Latin Mass. A New York Post article reported: “An eight-page dossier leaked by former FBI agent Kyle Seraphin earlier this month indicated that the FBI’s Richmond, Va., office, at the behest of the Department of Justice, was going after ‘radical traditionalist’ Catholics and their

  • The Cult-Like Transgender Recruitment Model

    The Cult-Like Transgender Recruitment Model5

    Oh, the insecurities of youth! “Will I be popular?” “Can I play basketball as well as the other boys?” “Will the others let me hang out with them?” “Will boys like me?” “Will girls like me?” “Am I as strong/smart/good-looking/funny as the cool kids?” Most kids and teens endure these doubts about themselves. It’s a

  • When Compassion Becomes Coercion

    When Compassion Becomes Coercion5

    The corruption of compassion. It begins with identity groups making appeals to compassion, then progresses to demands for preferential treatment. It ends with the injustice of coerced compassion in the form of special rights, entitlements, and demands for everyone else to promote and endorse the lifestyles and causes of those groups. A recent case in


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