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  • Transcendence and the Practice of Music

    Transcendence and the Practice of Music0

    The ability to make music has been one of the great blessings of my life. I have played the violin since the age of eight and have sung in my parish choir for a number of years, and have always found music to be, not an embellishment to life, but an integral part of it.

  • The Pursuit of Culture and the Meaning of Life

    The Pursuit of Culture and the Meaning of Life1

    Let me begin this brief reflection with a testimonial. Culture is the motive that gives me joy from one day to the next, the reason I get up each morning. And what do I mean by culture? Let me attempt to articulate my precise understanding of this much used (and abused) term. Culture, for me,

  • Is Halloween a Christian Holiday?

    Is Halloween a Christian Holiday?4

    Conventional wisdom holds that Halloween is essentially a secular and pagan holiday, the result of the Christian Church appropriating an ancient Celtic harvest festival. But one strain of critical opinion tends to the view that the holiday was thoroughly Christian from the start. In the church calendar, Halloween (All Hallows’ Eve) is the beginning of

  • Christopher Robin and the Value of Doing Nothing

    Christopher Robin and the Value of Doing Nothing0

    “I remember one morning, all blue and silver, in the summer holidays when I reluctantly tore myself away from the task of doing nothing in particular.” —G.K. Chesterton, “A Piece of Chalk” Watching the new Disney movie Christopher Robin, I was amazed by its timeliness—and not just in the sense that it’s idyllic summer entertainment.


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