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  • The Pros and Cons of Kids With Smartphones

    The Pros and Cons of Kids With Smartphones0

    How many of you are thinking of getting your tween a cell phone for Christmas? Because we all know that in the eyes of a tween or teen, a shiny new cell phone under the Christmas tree is even better than Santa. And the pressure is on: everyone at school has a cell phone nowadays.

  • Be a Happier Parent… Or Laugh Trying

    Be a Happier Parent… Or Laugh Trying0

    There is no doubt that parents today face tremendous challenges. Sometimes these challenges are overwhelming and stressful. Parents of young children and teens will appreciate Betsy Kerekes’ wisdom and comic relief in her newly released book, Be a Happier Parent or Laugh Trying. In this interview, she shares with Mary Cooney some advice on how


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