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  • What Do Women Want? A Willingness to Protect

    What Do Women Want? A Willingness to Protect1

    For decades now, well-meaning men have found to their consternation that many modern feminists openly resent gentlemanly gestures of service such as opening a door for them. Some of the offended women have actually assumed that the offer condescendingly suggests that they are too weak to open a door for themselves. The culture today is

  • The Antidote to ‘Toxic’ Masculinity

    The Antidote to ‘Toxic’ Masculinity4

    Marine veteran Terry Bagley, a 70-year-old father of five who does housekeeping at a Veterans Affairs hospital, was walking to buy items for Thanksgiving in the Pigtown area of Baltimore, Maryland, on the Tuesday afternoon before the holiday. On his way to the market, a rowhome on the block exploded—likely from a ruptured gas line.

  • Traditional Masculinity Should Be GQ’s “New Masculinity”

    Traditional Masculinity Should Be GQ’s “New Masculinity”13

    GQ magazine held its 25th “Men of the Year” event in London last Wednesday. Talents from across the fields of culture, sports, and entertainment gathered for the glitzy gala celebrating the British men’s style magazine’s honorees for Men of the Year. Curiously, over a third of the personalities on that list were women. Of the

  • Was John Wayne’s Masculine Image a Lie?

    Was John Wayne’s Masculine Image a Lie?0

    There is perhaps no manlier icon in Hollywood history than John Wayne. More than 40 years after his last film, he remains the cinematic apotheosis of the rugged, principled, red-blooded, tough-as-nails, frontier-conquering, patriotic American male. Not even Steve McQueen or Clint Eastwood can measure up to The Duke. But was Wayne’s masculine image a sham,


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