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  • Debunking the Narrative on Women in STEM and Business

    Debunking the Narrative on Women in STEM and Business2

    Across the globe, governments are removing legal barriers to women joining the workforce. At the same time, many companies and governments are pushing for equal numbers of women and men in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) and entrepreneurship. But despite their seeming similarities, these two situations couldn’t be more different. One unleashes untapped creative

  • Why Migrants Still Love America

    Why Migrants Still Love America4

    A daily diet of negative stories about America’s impending collapse feed today’s headlines. Yet such alarmist tendencies conceal the complexity of the American experience. Reality demonstrates that America still excels at attracting citizens from around the globe, partially due to its superb ability to mobilize resources and institutions to support individual achievement. Nothing illustrates the

  • Why Did the British Give Reparations to Slave Owners?

    Why Did the British Give Reparations to Slave Owners?6

    The topic of slavery always evokes a flurry of emotions. Such was the case when the British government announced in 2015 that it had completed the payment of a loan borrowed to compensate slave owners for their loses due to the abolition of slavery. In an age when many are demanding that whites make reparations

  • Whites Do Not Owe Blacks Anything

    Whites Do Not Owe Blacks Anything6

    When activists posit that the British should confront the past, they are implicitly admitting the perpetual victimhood of blacks whose dignity must be restored by white conscience. Such falsehoods then mature to become a national creed because serious thinkers are afraid to state the obvious: whites do not owe blacks anything.


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