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  • Whites Do Not Owe Blacks Anything

    Whites Do Not Owe Blacks Anything5

    When activists posit that the British should confront the past, they are implicitly admitting the perpetual victimhood of blacks whose dignity must be restored by white conscience. Such falsehoods then mature to become a national creed because serious thinkers are afraid to state the obvious: whites do not owe blacks anything.

  • Will and Kate’s Tour Hides the Real Problem With Jamaican Government

    Will and Kate’s Tour Hides the Real Problem With Jamaican Government1

    Great Britain’s Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, recently concluded a tour of the Caribbean to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s platinum jubilee. Though the visit was slated to be a cordial event, William and Kate were greeted with hostility by Jamaican politicians and protesters who denounced Britain’s involvement in the slave trade and colonialism. International

  • Genghis Khan vs. the Canceled West

    Genghis Khan vs. the Canceled West0

    It seems the legacies of historical figures like Christopher Columbus and Thomas Jefferson can’t be discussed without activists arguing that they were problematic characters. Such figures are not judged as products of their time but as villains in the woke creed. And because of their villainous reputation, we are also not allowed to appreciate their

  • The West’s Eco-imperialism Against Africa

    The West’s Eco-imperialism Against Africa0

    There is a global movement to remove the residues of Western imperialism from society, one seen in the toppling of monuments dedicated to Western explorers and statesmen. Activists also assert that developing countries must be permitted to chart a new course without cultural interference from the West. Yet this assertion breaks down when it comes