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    Kurt Mahlburg

    Kurt Mahlburg is an emerging Australian voice on culture and the Christian faith. He has a passion for both the philosophical and the personal, drawing on his background as a graduate architect, a primary school teacher, a missionary, and a young adults pastor. Since 2018, Kurt has been the Research and Features Editor at the Canberra Declaration. He is also a freelance writer and a regular contributor at Mercator, the Spectator Australia, Caldron Pool, and Intellectual Takeout. He is married to Angie, who hails from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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  • As a Husband and Father, I Endorse Harrison Butker’s Speech

    As a Husband and Father, I Endorse Harrison Butker’s Speech5

    In February, Harrison Butker kicked the longest field goal in Super Bowl history—a massive 57-yard three-pointer—to help carry the Kansas City Chiefs to a rollicking win over the San Francisco 49ers. Recently, he’s made headlines again—this time, arguably, for far more profound reasons. Butker was invited to give the commencement address at Benedictine College, a

  • Why This Former Muslim and Atheist Changed Her Mind

    Why This Former Muslim and Atheist Changed Her Mind2

    Ayaan Hirsi Ali is an intellectual heavyweight. She is a New York Times bestselling author, has served in the Dutch parliament, and is friends with Richard Dawkins. She also was once Muslim. She wore a burka, proselytized for Islam, and followed the direction of the Muslim Brotherhood. Then, she changed her mind and became an

  • Has ‘The New York Times’ Always Been ‘Fake News’?

    Has ‘The New York Times’ Always Been ‘Fake News’?9

    The New York Times is widely regarded as the newspaper of record in the United States. Founded in 1851 to appeal to a cultured, intellectual readership rather than a mass audience, the Gray Lady has won a record-breaking 137 Pulitzer Prizes, including for its reporting on the infamous Pentagon Papers. In times of sharp political

  • Who Is Funding the College Protests?

    Who Is Funding the College Protests?4

    As pro-Palestinian college protests continue nationwide, questions are being asked about the authenticity of the demonstrations—and who is funding them. In the earliest days of the encampments, photos showing rows of identical tents quickly appeared online, prompting many observers to ask if some of the sit-ins were not orchestrated by students. Indeed, according to NYPD


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