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  • Howling Cow Ice Cream: An NC State Experiment in Hands-On Learning

    Howling Cow Ice Cream: An NC State Experiment in Hands-On Learning0

    In the past, I’ve been critical of commercial activity on North Carolina’s public university campuses. It competes with private business, attracts unfair tax advantages, and may (in some cases) violate provisions of the Umstead Act. It’s also far outside a public university’s three-part mission of education, research, and service. In most cases, I think business

  • Does the Bennett Hypothesis Still Matter?

    Does the Bennett Hypothesis Still Matter?0

    It’s been 30 years since then-Education Secretary William J. Bennett took to the pages of The New York Times to chide colleges for their “greedy” behavior. He decried the negative effect federal student aid seemed to have on tuition, namely, that it allowed universities to raise prices without feeling the consequences of reduced demand or lower-quality

  • How Government Makes Us Fatter

    How Government Makes Us Fatter0

    The government, with its accomplices in the food lobby, has helped to make and keep us fat. Through subsidies and misguided food suggestions, Congress, the FDA, and the USDA have made it more difficult for Americans to make smarter dietary decisions. It’s not as if we don’t care. Americans spend $33 billion annually on weight-loss


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