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  • The End of the End of Ideology

    The End of the End of Ideology2

    In 1960, Harvard sociologist Daniel Bell published a book called The End of Ideology. It argued that it was time to put aside all our ridiculous arguments of the past – socialism, fascism, liberalism, anarchism, technocracy, etc. – and just recognize that elites like him have it all under control. They had already established the building blocks

  • Schumpeter on How Higher Education Wrecks Freedom

    Schumpeter on How Higher Education Wrecks Freedom1

    A book that pays high returns for decades with endless insights is Joseph Schumpeter’s Capitalism, Socialism, and Democracy (1943). It is not a systematic treatise. It’s more of a series of observations about huge problems that vexed those times and ours. Many are informed by economics. Some by history. Some by sociology and culture. Schumpeter’s outlook

  • The Musical Heroism of Guido d’Arezzo

    The Musical Heroism of Guido d’Arezzo1

    Of all living things, only humans seem to have the drive and capacity for documentation, record-keeping, and writing for the purposes of porting information and wisdom to others with the hope of influencing and binding the future. We’ve done this since the beginning of recorded history, from cave dwellings to the Code of Hammurabi through

  • What Will Become of Cities?

    What Will Become of Cities?2

    Everyone was supposed to be back at the office by now. It’s not really happening, however, and this has huge implications for the future of the American city. Part of the reason is the cost, not only the finances of commuting but also the time. Another contributing factor is the crime and homeless population, which