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  • In Memoriam: ‘Baby Girl #1’

    In Memoriam: ‘Baby Girl #1’16

    This piece should be written in blood, tears, and brimstone rather than type. A hideous event took place recently—not in some faraway totalitarian hellhole—but right here at home in our nation’s capital, Jonathan Von Maren reports in a recent article for American Conservative. On March 25, a truck driver who works for the bio-medical waste

  • Trouble in Paradise: Radicalizing Our Libraries

    Trouble in Paradise: Radicalizing Our Libraries11

    I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library. Jorge Luis Borges From the bookmobile that used to park weekly on our street in tiny Boonville, North Carolina to the library stacks of my college and graduate school years, libraries have always felt like a second home to me. If I drive