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  • Education Eclipsed: Unnecessary School Closures Breed Anxious Children

    Education Eclipsed: Unnecessary School Closures Breed Anxious Children1

    A total eclipse crossed the country this week in a display of natural wonder. Rather than seize the opportunity for an engaging science lesson, hundreds of school districts with several hundred thousand students decided to close for the day, many citing safety concerns that students might accidentally look at the eclipse without proper eye protection. Even worse

  • Dispelling the Fiction of “Book Bans”

    Dispelling the Fiction of “Book Bans”2

    “What we’re seeing here is a resurgence of widespread censorship in America,” Nadine Farid Johnson recently told The Wall Street Journal. Johnson is the Washington director of PEN America and co-author of its report claiming to identify 2,532 books banned in public schools during the 2021-2022 school year. PEN America advocates on behalf of poets, essayists,

  • Who Decides What Children Read?

    Who Decides What Children Read?3

    In a country that protects and praises personal liberty, few charges are more loaded than to call people censors or “book banners.” Those are fighting words. Unfortunately, the American Library Association and PEN America, an advocacy group for literary authors, are casually hurling that accusation against school leaders and parent organizations across the country without any concern for whether the charges


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