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  • Smartphones are Killing Relationships

    Smartphones are Killing Relationships0

    The majority of our relationships are in shambles. The U.S. divorce rate hovers at 40 percent, but that’s not the whole story. Many intact relationships are on life support. According to a survey by the National Opinion Research Center, 60 percent of people in a relationship say they’re not very satisfied. There are some familiar

  • Smartphone Nation: Data suggests Americans addicted to smartphones

    Smartphone Nation: Data suggests Americans addicted to smartphones0

    How many times a day do you check your smartphone? According to a recent survey, the typical American checks once every six-and-a-half minutes, or approximately 150 times every day. Other research has found that number to be as high as 300 times a day. For young people, the attachment is particularly acute: 53 percent of


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