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  • Why ‘It Doesn’t Affect You’ Is (Usually) a Bad Argument

    Why ‘It Doesn’t Affect You’ Is (Usually) a Bad Argument0

    About a month ago, I confronted an odd-looking man who had flagrantly double-parked his beat-up truck in the grocery store parking lot. Not only did he refuse to move; he also seemed incapable of understanding why anyone would have a problem with what he’d done. “What do you care?” he blustered. “You’re already parked, and

  • Do Men Have More Teeth? (Aristotle Was Wrong; You Could Be, Too)

    Do Men Have More Teeth? (Aristotle Was Wrong; You Could Be, Too)0

    Do men have more teeth than women? The actual answer is no. Both men and women have 28-32 teeth, depending on how many wisdom teeth grow in. But, if you’re fourth-century B.C. Greek philosopher Aristotle, the answer is a resounding, “Of course!” “Males have more teeth than females in the case of men, sheep, goats,

  • What Sex Is For

    What Sex Is For0

    In 2019, my then-fiancée and I met with our priest during the premarital counselling process. One of his questions was whether we wanted children. We said we did. That was good, he replied. If we didn’t, he would refuse to marry us. Although he would make exceptions for marriages beset by genetic, medical, or mental

  • C.S. Lewis and the NXIVM Cult

    C.S. Lewis and the NXIVM Cult0

    My wife and I recently watched The Vow on HBO Max. It’s a nine-part documentary about NXIVM (pronounced “NEX-ee-um”), an organization that claimed to provide personal and professional development training programs. Think Scientology in its early days, when it was an unorthodox therapy program without all the sci-fi religious mythology. Like Scientology, its true nature


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