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  • Farming Isn’t an Information Age Skill

    Farming Isn’t an Information Age Skill0

    Hwilc pe gepuht betwux woruld crœftas heoldan ealdordom?
    Eorptilp, forpam se yrpling us ealle fett.

     [Master] Which do you think, amongst the world-crafts, holds the most authority?

    [Pupil] Agriculture, for the farm feeds us all.

    — Œlfric’s Colloqy

    There’s an

  • In Defense of Childhood Boredom

    In Defense of Childhood Boredom0

    Childhood can exist almost outside of time, if its tenuous relationship to the clocks and schedules of adults is preserved. A young child has no real sense of the passing of time – and thus does not bear the weight

  • Millennials Are Finding Religion, but Not at Church

    Millennials Are Finding Religion, but Not at Church0

    Millennials approach religion differently than their forebears. They are more likely to be “nones,” less likely to frequent religious institutions or adhere to a particular faith. 

    Some have wondered whether Millennials’ views on religion might change with age,

  • Yet the Whos Sang Merrily

    Yet the Whos Sang Merrily0

    Last Christmas Eve, I was in the ER.

    My husband was deployed, and I’d been fighting a nasty illness for weeks. Things took a turn for the worse on Christmas Eve, and so my dad drove me to the hospital