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  • Medical Schools Look for Activists, Not Healers

    Medical Schools Look for Activists, Not Healers0

    What qualities should medical schools look for in future doctors? Probably academic excellence, experience in the medical sector, loyalty to medical ethics, and good interpersonal skills. These are all characteristics that future doctors should have, but they’re not what medical schools now emphasize. Medical schools are looking for social justice zealots to advance the diversity,

  • The Triumph of Justice Amy Coney Barrett

    The Triumph of Justice Amy Coney Barrett0

    “There is a tendency in our profession,” Judge Amy Coney Barrett declared at the outset of her Senate confirmation hearing, “to treat the practice of law as all-consuming, while losing sight of everything else.” But, Barrett added in her Oct. 12 opening statement, “I never let the law define my identity or crowd out the

  • The ACLU Loses Its Way

    The ACLU Loses Its Way0

    The American Civil Liberties Union used to be a great institution. Founded in January 1920, the ACLU sought to become, in its own words, “the nation’s premier defender of the rights enshrined in the U.S. Constitution.” Over the decades, the organization fought for civil liberties even when no one else would. The ACLU fought against


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