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  • My New Year’s Resolution: Have More Enemies

    My New Year’s Resolution: Have More Enemies1

    How are your New Year’s resolutions going? I rarely make them, but this year I have. Please do not mistake the title. I did not write “make more enemies,” though to be honest that might not be a bad one for some people. That would be a different essay, however. This is not an essay

  • The Heroism of Civilization

    The Heroism of Civilization1

    A long-held but somewhat flexible fantasy I have engaged in periodically since about middle school has me doing some truly unusual, heroic thing—perhaps pulling someone from a fire or heroically diving into the rapids to save some helpless person from drowning or even taking a bullet to protect a child. (I’m afraid of heights, so

  • No Safety in Silence

    No Safety in Silence0

    Silence is golden. Only, however, if it is the right kind of silence. Silence in the face of personal attacks or public crusades may be wise. Our collective guppy-like span of attention means that for many causes du jour or even du moment it is often best to simply say nothing and wait it out.

  • Football Coaches and the Making of Boys Into Men

    Football Coaches and the Making of Boys Into Men0

    I sing of shoulder pads and the player. Even more so the football coach. This position is controversial these days. After all, football is, in George Will’s famous words, “violence punctuated by committee meetings.” And we all know – or think we know – that football is both dangerous and leads to a life of


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