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    Daniel Dal Monte

    Dr. Daniel Dal Monte earned a doctorate in philosophy from Temple University in 2021. He teaches and lives in the Philadelphia area. He is the author of the logic textbook The Logical Worldview: Skills to Distinguish Fact from Fiction in the Contemporary Information War and a work of speculative fiction called The Realm of Possibility. Dr. Dal Monte writes on his Substack blog, Philosophy and Culture, at danieldalmonte.substack.com.

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  • ‘The New York Times,’ the 1619 Project, and ‘Quid Est Veritas’?

    ‘The New York Times,’ the 1619 Project, and ‘Quid Est Veritas’?4

    Many of us have heard of the 1619 Project and its attempt to reinvent American history. 1619, according to The New York Times writers, is the year that the first slaves arrived on American soil. And since, according to the 1619 Project, unjust slave labor initiated and sustained the socioeconomic structure of America, 1619 is

  • Privacy in Xinjiang: A Cautionary Tale for America

    Privacy in Xinjiang: A Cautionary Tale for America2

    The Chinese government has wedded totalitarian ambitions with high-tech surveillance technology, conducting a slow cultural genocide of the Uyghur Muslim population in the Xinjiang region of China. The genocide is cultural because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is not outright killing the Uyghurs. Instead, they are waging a war of slow attrition. The CCP punishes

  • Educational Collapse and the Definition of Truth

    Educational Collapse and the Definition of Truth8

    It’s no secret that America’s students are struggling. The latest Nation’s Report Cards have not been flattering, with average scores in both math and reading declining over recent years. It’s also no secret that pandemic restrictions have only exacerbated the learning decline in the U.S. However, scores have been falling since before the pandemic, signaling


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