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  • Will Black Americans Deliver Trump a Second Term?

    Will Black Americans Deliver Trump a Second Term?0

    Will black Americans not only reelect President Trump, but also write a new chapter of American political history? Yes, that’s quite a question – one of cosmos-bending proportions. And so are the figures undergirding that statement. According to Rasmussen, black Americans plan to vote for President Trump in larger numbers than in 2016. That’s not surprising. Yet,

  • The Media Skips Its Own Scoop

    The Media Skips Its Own Scoop0

    Has the media missed the biggest story of the century? Not Hunter Biden’s email scandal as reported, but the media’s interpretation of that New York Post exposé. Pooh-poohed as “Russian disinformation,” the Hunter Biden story would amount to the media’s holiest of grails – ruthless proof of what they have long sought to uncover – President Trump is in

  • A Very British Goodbye

    A Very British Goodbye0

    Perhaps the penny has dropped. All 50 of them. In just a handful of hours, Great Britain leaves the European Union. Plagues of locusts, pestilence, and lepers wait patiently in the wings. From where I’m sitting, though, all looks rosy. No marauding gangs of mottled malcontents seething in the streets. A distinct lack of killer

  • Rowling and King Slam Into the Woke Diversity Cult

    Rowling and King Slam Into the Woke Diversity Cult0

    Nothing is more appetizing than watching the limbs of progressive icons mulch between the jaws of the Woke. With a giddy regularity, the picadors of piffle lower themselves to those over which they loft. A glorious sight – like savannah lions ripping through their prey. There’s something deeply primal about it. And something deserved about it. The


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