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  • Should Everyone Go to College?

    Should Everyone Go to College?3

    The call for college to be made “free” to all who want it rests on a number of assumptions, most of them self-serving, some of them well-founded, and at least one that goes to the heart of our cultural, political, and economic ills as a nation. The most important self-serving assumption is that education, like

  • The Unhinging of the Academic Left: History, Hate, and Hysteria

    The Unhinging of the Academic Left: History, Hate, and Hysteria0

    The Organization of American Historians (OAH) has responded to the Trump presidency in a manner showing all the seriousness and bravery its thousands of members can muster: a lecture series univocally condemning Donald Trump and the nation they blame for electing him. One thing the announcement has in great abundance is self-importance: The OAH Distinguished

  • Can We Restore Dignity to Our Degraded Times?

    Can We Restore Dignity to Our Degraded Times?0

    The message is loud and clear. Your actions have no more significance than those of a cockroach. Furthermore, like a cockroach, you are in no position to make moral choices of your own free will. When you commit some hideous brutality, it is not that you decided to do so. No, on the contrary, external

  • Ben-Hur is Surprisingly Good

    Ben-Hur is Surprisingly Good0

    The new Ben-Hur is a terrific movie. It is exciting, suspenseful, filled with clashes of spirit, interest, and personality, and offers a story of brotherly love, conflict, revenge, and redemption. Religious faith and the spirit of forgiveness are at its core, though not front and center. It is precisely the kind of movie people in a healthy


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