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  • What I’ve Learned As A Life-Long Homeschooler

    What I’ve Learned As A Life-Long Homeschooler0

    Many people still consider “homeschooling” to be a religious farmstead cult instead of a legitimate form of education. Yet on average, homeschoolers are far out-performing their publicly-educated peers in almost every subject. According to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association (HSLDA), In 1990, the National Home Education Research Institute issued a report entitled “A Nationwide Study

  • 4 Ways to Talk to Boring People

    4 Ways to Talk to Boring People0

    If, like myself, you are an incurable snot, you probably often find yourself trapped in hopelessly boring conversations with hopelessly boring people. These, “boring people” could be friends, relatives, coworkers – anyone whom social standards (and basic human decency) oblige you to regularly engage in small-talk. However, even as you shrivel up inside as one


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