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  • Don’t Feel Bad About Using the Self Checkout

    Don’t Feel Bad About Using the Self Checkout0

    Have you’ve seen a meme exhorting you not to use self-checkout because it impoverishes workers who are replaced by unfeeling scanners? There is no harm in making that choice. But if we remember our lessons from Frederic Bastiat, we can see why the rationale behind the campaign is absurd.  Why should we stop with the

  • Why I am Not a Socialist

    Why I am Not a Socialist0

    I share a lot of the concerns and goals of those who describe themselves as “socialists.” More health care and housing for poor people? Great. More educational opportunities for the least well-off? Absolutely. A cleaner environment? Sure thing. Gender and racial equality? Immediately, please. Why, then, am I not a socialist? As political and economic ideas

  • 3 Ways to Make the Post-Election World Better

    3 Ways to Make the Post-Election World Better0

    I scanned my sample ballot. The options were less than inspiring. “Surely,” I thought, “there is a better way than this.” Fortunately, there is. Voting isn’t the only way to effect social change—indeed, it isn’t necessarily a very good one given what we know about voter irrationality and the like. Here are three complements to

  • Why Not Socialism?

    Why Not Socialism?0

    In the late 1980s and early 1990s, the Soviet Union collapsed, the Berlin Wall came down, millions were lifted out of oppression, and the Mises/Hayek critique of socialism was (supposedly) vindicated. As the world slogs through the continuing recession, however, dissenting voices grow louder. The late G. A. Cohen, an iconic political philosopher of the


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